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Apple Mountain Board Meetings
April 21, 2017

Your AMLPOA Board meets monthly to conduct POA business.  You don’t need to be on the board to come to a meeting.    All AMLPOA members are welcome and encouraged to attend.   If you would like an item added to the Agenda please contact our property manager at least 2 business days before the Monthly board meeting.    If this is not possible, come anyway and we will work together to address any issues or concerns you may have.

Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Linden Fire house located at 4561 John Marshall Hwy, Linden, VA 22642.  Enter via the side door, exit the kitchen into the garage bay, and go up stairs to the meeting room.   The 2018 Calendar is:

  • 01/17/18
  • 02/21/18
  • 03/21/18
  • 04/18/18
  • 05/16/18
  • 06/20/18
  • 07/18/18
  • 08/15/18
  • 09/18/18
  • 10/17/18
  • 11/21/18
  • 12/19/18

If quorum of 5 Board members is not met, the meeting will be postponed to the following Wednesday.   If quorum continues not to be met at the postponed meeting then the meeting is canceled for the given month.

Semi Annual Membership Meetings

These important membership meetings occur twice a year on the third Sunday in April and October.   These are special meetings where the entire membership conducts POA business.   Agenda items for this meeting will be set to you via US Mail before the meeting.

If you are not able to attend these meetings we encourage you to file a Proxy with your intentions.

In 2018 the Semi Annual membership meetings will be held on:

  • 04/15/18
  • 10/21/18.

Each meeting is held at Hilda J. Barbour Elementary School located at 290 Westminster Dr, Front Royal, VA 22630.   Sign in starts at 1:00 PM and the meeting will start at 1:30 PM.   If a membership quorum of 5% is not met then the meeting is canceled.   Please help us make quorum at these important meetings by being there in person or via proxy.


Flail Mowing started July 2018
July 25, 2018

To ensure road safety, our the annual Flail Mowing program is underway.   This includes using a  Flail mower in a vertical position to trim trees and brush on or near the road and ditch lines.  With almost 17 miles of road, the use of a Flail mower is the most expedient method to accomplish this necessary maintenance.   This safety program is carried out once a year to:

  • Increase visibility and safety on the roads
  • Keep pedestrians and children safe   
  • Keep tree branches from reaching so far out into the road as to cause traffic issues and damage to passing vehicles.
  • Keep brush and other vegetation from encroaching into the road and ditch lines

If you have plants or trees you maintain that are near the road or ditches, please mark them with a red or orange ribbons so that our contractor will know that you will maintain those plants and they can skip trimming them.   You may want to use more than one flag to ensure the mower operator can see it.

Any plant or tree that is flagged to be skipped, but is clearly encroaching into the road, ditch lines, or posing a potential hazard will be cut back by the Flail mower (not skipped).   To avoid the contractor from using the Flail mower to cut back the flagged plant, you will need to trim the plant or tree back so it is not encroaching into the road or ditch line then flag it.

Please understand that if you flag a plant or tree to be skipped,  then you are responsible for its maintenance and to ensure it does not encroach into the road or ditch.

All mowing activities are will be to clear the road and ditch lines.  Because this is a once a year activity some brush and or trees will be cleared further back from the road to allow for its growth next year.

Bob Lake Paving is contracted to carry out this years mowing program.  If you have any issues, comments or concerns please contact our Property Manager Jori Martin at jmartin@coventrygrp.com

Apple Mountain Lake Proposed Amendment
July 18, 2018

Your Apple Mountain Lake Property Owners Association Board would like to change the language in Section 20 within Apple Mountain Lake the Deed of Covenants.   The current sections states:

“Nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the Corporation from changing, modifying, or supplementing these Covenants from time to time, as deemed appropriate.  Any changes, modifications or supplementations shall not become effective until approved by a majority vote of the general membership”

The change would read:

“Nothing herein shall prevent the Corporation from changing, modifying, or supplementing these Covenants from time to time, as deemed appropriate. Any changes, modifications, or supplementations shall not become effective until approved by sixty percent (60%) of the members present at any semi-annual meeting or special meeting of the members of the Corporation.”

We would also add this under a new paragraph 22:

“Any reference to “Corporation” shall mean Apple Mountain Lake Property Owners Association, a Virginia corporation.”

This change will allow your Board to propose changes to the Deed of Covenants, ByLaws, Rules and Regulations  and present them to the membership at one of the semi-annual meetings to be voted on. A majority vote of 60% of the members attending the semi-annual meeting would be required to ratify any changes to the Deed of Covenants.

With the current wording, any change including the changes your board is proposing, would require 343 votes be cast.   This is extremely hard to achieve. To help accomplish this, your board has taken these actions:

  • Proposed the change and presented it, in writing, 90 days before the meeting to allow plenty of time to vote via the internet or proxy.
  • Contracted with Simply Voting to allow you to vote online (E-Vote).
  • Sent emails to those we have email contacts for, to help increase votes via E-Voting.
  • Improved the current proxy form to make it easier to vote via proxy.
  • Included a self-addressed stamped envelope to allow you to send in your proxy.
  • Plan to contact neighbors in person to encourage voting.

This high barrier to making any changes is the exact reason for the proposed amendment.   Your board believes that changes to these documents should be made by the membership, however, a reasonable quorum of a semi-annual meeting is likely more achievable than trying to contact over one half of all the lot owners.

To conduct business at a semi-annual meeting, 5% of the membership (34 owners) must be present in person or via proxy.   In the past this has proven very hard to accomplish, however it is a reasonable standard to meet.

Your board has been making steady and positive progress.  Each year we improve and make the community a little bit better with your help.   This effort will lay the groundwork to enable your board to update all of your governing documents to make our neighborhood run better.   

These are some of the things we would like to take on after this change is made:

  • Changing when the semi-annual meeting must take place to never hold a meeting on Easter again.
  • Allow the consolidation of lots, promoting green space and preventing over building.
  • Change the construction fees to reflect inflation and to be in sync with what other HOAs and POAs charge.
  • Changing the lot clearing fees to reflect inflation and to be in sync with what other HOAs and POAs charge.
  • Fix conflicts between the Rules and Regulations and the Deed of Covenants which will allow the rule to be enforced.

These items are just the beginning of what we can attain.   Most of these documents have not been updated in 15 years. They are overdue for some maintenance. Please take the time to go online and E-Vote, or fill out your proxy and simply return it via the inclosed envelope.


Q: Why E-Voting?
A: We wanted to provide an easy and secure way for you to cast your vote.

Q: Is E-Voting an legal way to count such a vote?
A: Yes.  As set forth in the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act in Article 55-515.3.D where in “Voting, consent to and approval of any matter under any declaration or bylaw provision or any provision of this chapter may be accomplished by electronic transmission or other equivalent technological means provided that a record is created as evidence thereof and maintained as long as such record would be required to be maintained in nonelectronic form.

Q: How is my E-Vote counted?
A: The votes are tallied by the voting company and then brought to the meeting and cast in on your behalf according to the way you voted.

Q: If I voted online and now I want to change my vote can I?
A: Yes up until 24 hours before the meeting.  

Q: How many people need to be at a Semi-Annual Meeting to meet quorum?
A: A minimum of 5% of 686 lots, which is 35.

Q: Do proxies count to meet quorum at a semi-annual meeting?
A: Yes

Q: Do E-Votes count to meet quorum at a semi-annual meeting?
A: Yes

FireWise Brush Clean Grant
April 26, 2018

Great News!  Apple Mountain Lake POA has been awarded another FireWise Grant.  Tuesday, May 29th will begin the pick up of the brush and limbs.  The particulars of the project are in the flyer attached       2018 chipping project flier APPLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CLEAN

Community Clean Up Day!
April 26, 2018

Apple Mountain will have a community clean up day Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Anyone interested will meet at the playground at 9:30. Come join us for a great morning of cleaning up followed by pizza and soft drinks at 11:30!    The flyer is attached.   APPLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CLEAN

New Board Members, Welcome
April 26, 2018

Three new Board members were added at the April !  Welcome to Rippy Gill, Brian Morton, and Talan Clark.  Many thanks for volunteering

Apple Orchard Paving
April 26, 2018

The Board of Directors voted on Wednesday, April 25th 2018 to pave Apple Orchard.  The process has been a long one.   Road specifications were prepared by Kirk Engineering.  The Board and management solicited bids from John Lake Paving, Finley Asphalt, Carroll Construction, and Pro-Pave.  The Board reviewed the bids and the contract was awarded to John Lake Paving.  The paving of Apple Orchard should begin in within the next six weeks.  Notice will be sent to homeowners on Apple Orchard as well as signs posted when the work begins.  There will be some driveways that will be affected. Homeowners will be notified .  Some driveways will have to be modified as part of the road paving process.

Owner Access Portals
April 25, 2018

Coventry Group is now offering Owner Access portals (see the new link in the sidebar) to allow you to access your association account details. From the portal, you can view your current account balance, check your payment history, pay your assessments online, view pending violations or open work orders, communicate with your association manager and more.

If we have your email address on file, an email was sent to you with your confirmation code. If you need a confirmation code, please email our office manager. Include your name, community name, property address within the community and your email address. We need ALL of this information to verify each homeowner. To learn your way around the new owner access, please see the Owner Access Introduction.

FireWise Brush Removal
June 14, 2017

Great News!  FireWise will be providing chipping and brush removal again this year.  Mark your calendars!.  The flyer is attached for your review.  Please have all brush and tree limbs up by the road no later than the  evening of the 17th!




2017 chipping project flier version 2

What’ Up Dock?
June 14, 2017

The dock is removed from the lake for repairs.  The dock will be repaired and returned to the lake by July 3rd and maybe sooner.

The dock will be bolted together to prevent pinched fingers and toes.  A homeowner notified management there was a dangerously sharp metal strip that had “popped  up” and could have severely cut someone.

Many thanks for your patience

Minutes for October 2016 to April 2017
May 10, 2017

Catch up on the news of the community!  The minutes will be posted on a monthly basis on the third Wednesday of each month for the remaining 2017AML-2016 Board Meeting Minutes 10-19 AML-2016 Board Meeting Minutes 12-21 AML-2016 Board Meeting Minutes-11-16 AML-2017- Minutes 1-17 AML-2017Board Meeting Minutes-3-15 AML-2017Semi Annual Minutes 4-16